The ECE Report 2014 Categories

The 19 benchmarks selected for the ECE Report 2014 are ordered into five categories:


Four benchmarks look at policy and operational oversight—is it split between multiple departments, or does it have coherent direction, a common policy framework with goals, timelines and consistent support for service providers?


Three benchmarks examine the adequacy of funding and its influence on supporting program quality and equitable access.


Three benchmarks assess the numbers of children attending ECE programs and if barriers to participation are addressed.

Learning environment

Six benchmarks examine whether curriculum, program standards and trained and adequate staffing support the quality of programming.


Three benchmarks assess whether jurisdictions are meeting their reporting commitments, have standards for program quality, and are monitoring and reporting child outcomes.

Each category is assigned 3 points for a possible total of 15. Full and half points are assigned with the intention of providing equal weight to each category.

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