This interactive map provides a snapshot of provincial/territorial early childhood education services. Benchmarks reflect a common set of core standards necessary for the delivery of quality programming. The data highlights what jurisdictions have accomplished on a 15-point scale. (Results for the Yukon and Nunavut are not available.) Click on province/territory to see its profile. Read the full ECE Report.

Governance: Education and child care under common ministry

Funding: ECE spending ≥ 3% of Budget

Funding: Mandated parent fee and wage scales

*Wage floor

Access: 5 year old full day kindergarten

Access: ≥ 50% 2-4 year olds attend ECE

Access: Funding conditional on special needs inclusion

Learning Environment: Early years curriculum framework

Learning Environment: 2/3 child care staff ECE qualified

*In group sizes of 24

Learning Environment: Kindergarten educators ECE qualified

*ECE in teaching team

Learning Environment: ECE salaries ≥ 66% of teacher salaries

Learning Environment: ECE professional certification

Accountability: Annual progress reports

Six provincial governments are committed to providing annual progress reports on early child programming

Accountability: Population data reported

Provinces that use the Early Development Instrument or an equivalent tool and reported at least once in the past three years.

Benchmark Totals: Provinces/Territories benchmark totals out of 15